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Beef Bresaola


A specialty originating from Italy’s Lombardy region, our Bresaola is beef’s answer to Prosciutto and is ideal for those who abstain from pork. Beef Bresaola is one of the healthiest cured meats because it contains little or no fat, minimal cholesterol, and is high in protein. Produced from whole muscle premium beef cuts and dry aged for a minimum of three months, our Beef Bresaola is firm on the outside but lean, tender, and silky smooth inside. Sliced thinly it is almost translucent, and the lack of striation is indicative of its quality. Can be served drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a grinding of fresh black peppercorns with slices of lemon alongside, or incorporated into a salad of rocket (arugula).


Beef Carpaccio


Known to most Italians simply as Carpaccio, and named after a Renaissance painter; Beef Carpaccio is another premium non-pork product offered by Creel & Gambrel. Made from extremely lean beef that is magically enlivened with a blend of salt, subtle Italian spices, and juniper berries; our Beef Carpaccio is then aged for two months until the meat is sweet and literally melts in your mouth. Low in sodium and calories while at the same time being rich in protein and vitamins, you are bound to fall in love with Beef Carpaccio after the first taste! Slice thinly and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil before wrapping around a grissini, or for a Québécois twist serve with bagel chips. Excellent with a good Merlot.           


Montréal Smoked Meat


Prepared according to the original recipe bequeathed by the first Eastern Europeans that emigrated to Montréal many years ago, our Montréal Smoked Meat is one of the crown jewels of our product line. Beginning with premium lean beef brisket which is trimmed before careful seasoning with selected natural herbs and rich infusions of spices; this is a product that cannot be compared to any other, and will have carnivores in search of the real Montréal Smoked Meat flavour flocking back to you for more! Being traditionalists, we recommend 3mm thick slices that are carved by hand (not shaved) against the grain of the brisket, as this results in the most tender and easy to bite into sandwiches.         


Corned Beef


The term “Corned” originates from putting meat in a large earthenware crock and covering it with coarse kernels of salt that were known as “corns of salt”. These days instead of dry salt, a seasoned brine is used to cure our lean and tender corned beef. Each outside round is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality finished product. After hand trimming, the rounds are preserved with a specially formulated “old world” cure before they are fully cooked and then vacuum packaged so that the full flavour profile is retained. Perfect served either warm or cold; nothing beats our Corned Beef served on hearth baked rye bread and topped with a pickle! This product is perfect for both delicatessens and restaurants alike.


Beef & Pork Summer Sausage


Made from a traditional Mennonite recipe handed down from generation to generation through the mists of time, our mouth-watering Beef & Pork Summer Sausage is always a treat! Finely ground beef and lean pork combined with a tangy blend of spices is only the beginning. This mixture is then stuffed into traditional cotton casings before being naturally smoked with maple wood and then hung to cure for several weeks. Sliced for a charcuterie board or sandwich, cubed into a salad, or added to a pizza this is an extremely versatile product.

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